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Styles of the Michigan-Based Warm Fitness Heated Vest

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With so many ways to wear them, there’s a heated vest style for everyone from Warm Fitness, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. By choosing the Warm Fitness Heated Vest, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable level of warmth while you jog, walk, motorcycle or work. Alternatively, if you’re searching for heated hunting clothes or sportswear, our versatile vests are well-suited for these and many other applications. Available in a variety of fun styles, our innovative design comes loaded with convenient features.

Choose Your Color

When it comes to clothing, the items in our wardrobes should be as attractive as they are long-lasting. That’s the mantra that we strove to embody with the Warm Fitness Heated Vest, which is available in each of the following colors:

For those who want to achieve a more classic, neutral look with their heated vest, our blue and black styles are timeless options. Meanwhile, our shiny silver heated vests are ideal for those who either want to make a fashion statement or stay safe and visible on dark roads and worksites. Finally, our camouflage style is perfect for those in need of heated hunting clothes to keep them warm on lengthy stakeouts.

Style Features

No matter which color you select, your new heated vest will provide you with the ultimate level of stylish comfort. What’s more, each vest comes packed with user-friendly features that make it as convenient to operate as it is to slip on, including:

  • Separate heating zones: Depending on the color, your vest will either feature a triple heating zone design – with one warming zone each in the front, back, and neck area – or a dual heating zone design, with both zones warming the back.
  • Puffer design: All of our heated vests feature hip puffer designs. When you wear one, you’ll be on par with modern fashion trends while enjoying their unique warmth.
  • Pushbutton operation: To power each vest, wearers can easily switch between three heating levels at the push of a stylish power button.
  • Interior and exterior pockets: With two exterior and two interior pockets, you can safely stow your phone, car keys, and wallet while going for a warm jog or walk.
  • USB cable connection: Each vest connects to a rechargeable battery via an internal USB cable. These are located on the inside of an internal pocket, and they feature colorful stitching for quick identification. The cable is compatible with any standard USB Battery Pack 5,000 mAh or greater. Unlike some of our competitors, who use a dedicated battery that cannot be recharged, with our design, you can simply swap batteries and keep going.

Try a Stylish Heated Vest Today

The Warm Fitness Heated Vest has a lot to offer people just like you. Whether you’re a fitness buff, a sports enthusiast, motorcyclist, or avid hunter, we offer a vest style that’ll meet your unique needs. But don’t take our word for it – instead, take advantage of our 30-day Quality Guarantee, which lets you exchange or return our product within 30 days if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Warm Fitness is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, meaning all of our products are shipped from right here in the United States. It also means our customer service team is easy to reach, so contact us today or visit our FAQ page with all of your inquiries.