About Us

About Warm Fitness

At Warm Fitness we understand the discomfort that cold fall and winter temps can bring on. This is what drives us to bring great looking heated apparel to the market. Whether your flavor is ice-fishing or watching your favorite football team, we'll keep you warm.

Our History

It all started when one of our founders experienced heated clothing for himself at a trade show for high-end athletes and medical patients.  He learned there was a clear need for fashionable, functional heated outerwear.  He decided to bring a competitively priced product to the market.

When sourcing materials for our heated vests, our founders knew they needed to be thin and lightweight. This would allow them to be worn underneath jackets on cold days or on hunting, fishing, and camping trips.

The next step was to fine-tune the power source. Using a 5,000 mAh battery proved to be a lightweight yet long lasting solution.

The Warm Fitness Difference

Whether they’re fitness buffs, cold-weather workers, or just plain outdoor lovers, the folks who choose one of our heated vests can enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Warmth and style: With three heat levels and a variety of vest styles to choose from, our products combine modern fashion with quality heating power
  • Convenient power: a 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery is ultra slim and supplies up to 8 hours of warmth
  • Worldwide shipping: For shipments around the United States, our shipping times average about two days. For shipping internationally, please contact us directly.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We won’t ask questions – if you’re unsatisfied with our product, you may exchange your vest for a different size or return it within 30 days of the initial purchase.
  • Secure payments: All of our payment transactions are made by a third-party processor, keeping your sensitive payment information secure from start to finish.