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About Us

The next level of warmth.

Live a warmer life.


Exercise Longer,

Warmer Sporting Events,

Spend More time outdoors,

Stylish Designs,

Warmer winters,

Longer walks,

Outdoor Fitness

An added layer of heat to keep you going longer and recover quicker.

Extreme Cold Weather Solution

In extreme cold weather, wear the vest below a jacket for maximum heat.

Wear it Indoors

A simple way to stay warm around the house and office.

Cold Weather Work

Stay warm and productive while working in a cold weather environment. Wear the heated vests below jackets and safety clothing.

About Michigan-Based Warm Fitness

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Warm Fitness team understands the exhaustion that cold autumns and winters can bring on. That’s one of the key reasons we’re driven to help our customers go the extra mile amid the cold and snow. Whether it’s assisting them with an extra lap on their wintertime run or helping them stay comfortable until the very last second of a chilly football game, our heated outerwear performs when the cold makes it tough to be outdoors.

Our History

It all started when one of our founders experienced heated clothing for himself at a tradeshow for high-end athletes and medical patients.  He learned  there was a clear need for fashionable, functional heated outerwear, and wanted to bring a competitively priced product to the market. Plus, when he and his wife tried out some heated pieces, they couldn’t believe the difference it made for them, as they worked both outside and indoors during the winter.

When designing the blueprint for our heated vests, our founders knew they wanted them to be thin and lightweight. This way, people could wear them underneath their jackets on the coldest days of the year or even on long hunting, fishing, or camping trips.

Once these features became a reality, the next step was to fine-tune the power source. Rather than requiring a customized battery that would need to be special ordered, our vests conveniently connect with standard USB power banks (5,000 mAh minimum). What’s more, customers can pick up one of these rechargeable batteries either on our website or at most electronic stores, giving them even more power over their purchase.

The Warm Fitness Difference

When made the right way, heated outerwear offers tons of advantages for those who wear it. Whether they’re fitness buffs, cold-weather workers, or just plain outdoor lovers, the folks who choose one of our heated vests can enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Warmth and style: With three selectable heat levels and a variety of vest styles to choose from, our products combine modern fashion with quality heating power.
  • Convenient power: To power one of our heated vests, you can choose a battery with anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 mAh. You can even choose to use one from your collection or purchase one from us.
  • Worldwide shipping: For shipments around the United States, our shipping times average about two days. If you’d like us to ship internationally, please contact us directly.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We won’t ask questions – if you’re unsatisfied with our product, you may exchange your vest for a different size or return it within 30 days of the initial purchase.
  • Secure payments: All of our payment transactions are made by a third-party processor, keeping your sensitive payment information secure from start to finish.

Place Your Order Today

Thanks to their versatile designs, there are many different ways you can use one of our heated vests. Plus, by offering our Satisfaction Guarantee, we’ve made it possible to try one out at no risk. Whether you want to exercise longer and speed your recovery, stay warmer at sporting events, or just enjoy warmer winters, our vests will make your cold-weather dreams a reality. If you’re ready to get started, shop from our selection of heated vests or contact Warm Fitness today.

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Warmth and Style

Our newest designs combine fashion with high quality heated products.


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Secure payment transactions are made by a third-party processor.